Majority of women take care of their face more carefully than the body, because their body skin is not as thin as face skin and it is protected from harmful external influences – ultraviolet radiation, dust, wind, temperature changes. However, body skin ages too. It suffers from dryness or dehydration, loss of elasticity. Most women start to think about caring for their body only when the skin loses its tonus and elasticity, becoming flabby and saggy.  It is important to focus on anti-aging efforts on your on your body as well.  Shop for your body care arsenal for men and women on – , which offers a great selection of the best products from trustworthy suppliers.

In meantime, we put up together a body care routine to help your body skin stay young, healthy, soft and glowing.

1: SunscreenDo not go out in the sun without a protection; whether you like it or not always use a sunscreen, even on a cloudy day.  Don’t go below an SPF of 15. Dermatologists strongly recommend staying in the shade during the hottest hours of the day.

2: Warm ShowerTake a shower, rather than a bath. Shower in warm water, as hot water strips your skin’s natural oils. Use soaps enriched with lipids, so your skin doesn’t get super dry.

3: Pat dry

Blot your legs, chest, arms etc. with a towel; do not rub the skin to dry completely.

4: Moisturizers

Hydration is required for all skin types. Use moisturizers on a daily basis, and preferably, right after the shower to lock the water into your skin.

5: Keep warm

I bet you have noticed that skin becomes more sensitive when it is cold outside. Protect your skin from cold weather, wind and sun, which can dry your skin.

6: Drink waterYou know that up to 60% of human body is water. So drink sufficient amount of water everyday. Your skin will be grateful.

7: Follow a balanced diet

Just drinking a lot of water is not enough. A balanced diet is essential as well. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants for healthy, beautiful and glowing skin.

8: Beauty sleepA good night’s sleep is great for your body and mood.  And it is great for your skin, as skin creates collagen while you sleep, which prevents wrinkles and sagging.

9: Quit smoking

Smoking has a very detrimental effect on the skin. It leads to premature aging, bags under the eyes, and loss of natural glow. Do you still smoke? This is a good reason to put out that last cigarette.