Buhari Cancels Weekly FEC Meetings

The federal executive council (FEC) meeting, which used to hold weekly since 1999, will henceforth take place once in two weeks.https://i.onthe.io/vllkyt5so1b5bhi4d.79749a29.jpg

A senior government official, revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari has decided that meeting every Wednesday is surplus to requirement.

“And FEC will no longer be all about awarding contracts but a serious discussion of policy issues and appraisal of ministerial performance,” the official said.

FEC has been held just once since the appointment of ministers, with the only meeting taking place on November 11 — the day they were inaugurated.

There was no meeting on November 18, and the following week, Buhari was in Ikenne, Ogun state, for the burial of HID Awolowo (November 25).

As it stands, the date of the next meeting is not certain, as Buhari will not be in the country on December 2 because of his international commitments.

“The president believes once he has given you a job, you have to deliver. He was very painstaking in picking the ministers and he is convinced he has picked a very good team, so it is now left for them to deliver the goods with minimal supervision,” the official said.

“FEC meetings will now be for brainstorming on policies and performance review, not just contracts.”

Issues like purchase of cooking stoves and waste bins were discussed at FEC in the past, after which, it is announced to the world by ministers at media briefings after the meetings.


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  16. , it is true that earlier the day, someone was interviewed, on the Today porgramme, who I think was going to challenge the cost of the thing. I’m not sure though – he was quickly closed down and despatched into the ether, just as he was seeminly about to offer us a view.   14 likes

  17. Hi Meredith,Good to hear from you and so happy you’re reading this blog! I know we will be in Austin, Tx in December but not sure where else in Texas yet. As I know more, I will be posting here. I would LOVE to see you and Gabriel!

  18. à°µాà°µ్ à°¸ుà°œాà°¤ à°—ాà°°ూ à°®ీà°•ు à°²ెà°•్à°•à°•ుà°®ింà°šిà°¨ ధన్యవాà°¦ాà°²ు.à°ˆ à°ªోà°¸్à°Ÿ్ మన à°µేà°Ÿూà°°ి à°¸ైà°Ÿ్ à°²ో à°ªెà°¡à°¤ాà°¨ు(à°®ీ à°…à°¨ుమతిà°¤ో),à°µేà°Ÿూà°°ి à°²ో à°’à°• à°¸ిà°°ీà°¸్ à°…à°µుà°¤ోంà°¦ి అదయ్à°¯ాà°•

  19. Hammer, did you miss this last election cycle? We pretty much assessed who the true liars were.They were the minority who couldnt win an election without lying cheating or stealing, yup, the republicans. Romney couldnt order breakfast without lying about it. Calm down baby blue it just a typo.

  20. As of today California sales tax drops by 1%. That’s 7.25% here. Some counties and tax districts have additional taxes so their rates may be higher. One great irritation of mine is being charged LA or SF taxes rates when buying via online or phone. Theirs are almost always higher by 1-2%.  dkreck

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