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Apple Watch Gets Surprising Customer Satisfaction Figures


The level of satisfaction derived from Apple Inc. watch cannot be compared to iPhone’s and iPad’s first generation devices.
Apple Watch has been considered a vastly accepted product. Techpinions’ research states that the industry’s non-tech users liked the wearable more, compared to users who were aware of it.

BIDNESSETC reports that Wristly and Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin stated that the Watch’s customer satisfaction level was 97%, which surpassed Apple’s other first generation devices. Wristly states that this number comprises “very satisfied” (66%) and “somewhat satisfied” (31%) customers.
The data was collected through the Apple Watch Owner Network, which is a panel of thousands of Watch buyers. The users were asked questions focused on people who have used the Watch for a while, and do not qualify as early adopters.

The research states: “What has been fascinating about the Wristly Apple Watch Panel is how diverse it is across the adoption cycle spectrum. We have those on the bleeding edge of adoption all the way through mainstream consumers, who aren’t buying it for the sake of Apple fanaticism, or love of tech, and gadgetry, but because they saw the utility and usefulness of the product right off the bat. They are all represented in our panel.”

The iPhone and iPad first generations measured at 92% and 91%, respectively, when these products were launched. The panel also took vote from app developers, who were less satisfied with production, while non-tech users were quite happy with their purchases, and made it an integral part of their lives.

Apple has not announced any official Watch figures yet, although it is rumored that the company has placed it in “Others” category; this may signify that the wearable may not have been quite a success. More will be known when the company reveals third-quarter (3Q) earnings tomorrow, at 4:30PM EDT.

Users on MacRumors forums were skeptical, since most of them wanted to sell the Watch when they received it. While the research’s integrity was on stake, it led to more questions in users’ minds. The numbers will be revealed tomorrow at the earnings call, and the industry will know whether the new wearable was a success or not.


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