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PDP senators beginning to ask questions as the list delays


President Buhari gave the end of September as the period that will end the wait for the ministerial nominees.

The month ends today, there are still no indications that the senate has received the list from the president. Godswill-Akpabio-300x161Members of the PDP were shocked  when the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, read other letters but failed to read  the expected letter from the President conveying the nominees for ministerial positions.

This prompted Godswill Akpabio,  PDP minority leader, to seek clarification from the senate president.

Akpabio, PDP, Akwa Ibom North West, raised a point of order, under matter of urgent importance, to find out why the Senate President had not announced the president’s letter containing ministerial nominees.

Akpabio, noted that the nation’s newspapers in the last couple of weeks, have been flooded  with stories of ministerial appointments by the president, asked the Senate President whether  he received the list from President Buhari and was hiding it from his colleagues.

Deputy Senate Leader, Ibn Bala Na’Allah, APC, Kebbi South,  did not allow Saraki to answer as he raised another point of order, where he explained that the day was still young, saying since the day’s session ends by 12:30pm, there was still the hope that the president would transmit the list of ministerial nominees to the Upper Chamber before the close of the session.

He also said since the day ends by 12 midnight, there was still hope that the list could come before the time.

The Senate President,  in his response  over-ruled Senator Akpabio, asking that the next item in the day’s agenda be introduced.


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