“O boy I want run reach bank before 4 knack”

“Wetin you dey go do for the bank?”

“I need to quickly send money to a business associate.”

“Is that why you want to rush to the bank?”

“Of Course!”

“Don’t you have a GTBank account?”

“I do.”

“Why don’t you just use your phone for the transaction?”

“You know my smart phone is bad, so I can’t use the mobile app or internet banking.”

“Guy, I know na! But you can still use this your kpalasa. Just press *737#”

“You mean with 737 I can transfer money?”

“Yes, but it is not limited to cash transfer only. There are other things you can do with 737. Before you begin ask questions again, I go tell you some.”

“With 737 you can send money to any bank and it is not limited to small small money.”

“If I want to recharge my phone or that of my wife or… I just press the 737 on my phone, so I don’t need a messenger to go and help me buy recharge card.”

“Wait, If you want to recharge your wife’s phone or your… Why don’t you just mention the name of the person?”

“Amebo! That is not the subject. Let me continue with the things you can do with 737.”

“Oya continue because this is becoming interesting.”

“Apart from funds transfer and recharging my account, if I am ever in doubt about how much I have in my account, I don’t have to walk to the bank or start calling the customer care, I can just check my balance from my phone, even without internet connection.”

“Is that all?”

“No oooo! If I want to keep telling you all that you can do with 737, we won’t go home today. Let me just run through the other things.”

“With 737, You can pay various bills, including utility bills, you can buy data directly from your internet service provider and you can even initiate cardless transactions. I know you don’t know what I mean by cardless transactions. That I will explain to you tomorrow.”

“Your shakara don dey too much. Anyways thank you, but I still get one question.”

“Ask your question.”

“Won’t these bad guys wipe my account if they get my phone?”

“You too dey fear! The good thing is that GTB is ahead of the bad guys. There is what they call the 737 pin. This pin secures your account and once you setup this secret pin that is known to just you, nobody can complete any transaction on your account without providing the pin.”
So you see why I never rush to the bank. 737 has helped me go cashless.

“Make sense! Let me go get my phone and do the transfer.”

“Okay, just remember who tell you, make you use my account take test the funds transfer.”

“Dey there dey wait.”

“Later na.”


THE 737 CONVERSATION BETWEEN FRIENDS is written by Ayo Olowo, Editor at Kokomansion Media


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