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Burna Boy releases riveting visual for his new single, Dangote


The man of the moment in the Nigerian music industry, Burna Boy has dropped a compelling video that elaborates the sermon of his pro-hard work single titled DANGOTE.

The song which is aptly NAMED after Nigerian billionaire and Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote sits between a motivational anthem and advocacy for job creation.

The lyrics are a reminder that only those who exercise grit and consistency can amass wealth while the visuals call the government to order.

The Clarence Peters directed video is a cinematic portrayal of the length that the unemployed can go in a bid to secure a livelihood and the vices that are birthed as a result.

The video opens with the text; “The richest man in Africa still goes to work every morning. Employment and job creation should be a priority for any government. The National Bureau of Statistics puts the estimated number of unemployed Nigerians at 23.1%” and follows with a riveting display of hopelessness, thuggery, cybercrime, police brutality, sexual harassment, and pickpocketing all as by-products of idleness.

Dangote is Burna Boy’s first single of 2019.

Credit: TheNetNg


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