The Benue State Command of the Nigerian Police Force has discovered the lifeless remain of one of the two officers declared missing.

Suspected herdsmen had attacked a police patrol team on Saturday after which four officers went missing.

The officers were returning from an assignment from some villages in Logo local government area of the state.

However, two of the officers returned to the command on Sunday, unhurt.

In a statement on Monday, the command said one of the remaining police officers have been found “brutally slaughtered”.

The statement, released today said some of the officer’s sense organs, including his eyes and nose were removed.

The statement, signed by Moses Yamu, the command spokesman, read: “The command regret to announce the death of one of its NCO, who was one of the two (2) remaining missing policemen in the attack of 9/2/2018.

“He was found brutally slaughtered, with both eyes and ears as well as nose removed. We pray that God Almighty grants him eternal rest.”